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MCC commentary #72: 2014 Christmas dominated by Buy-It-Now and Best Offer sales

By badon, read 572 times, 0 comments, Write Comment
2014 Dec 26, 02:01:40 pm

In list #183 I advised LBC readers to watch ebay auctions ending soonest, and to pay attention to ebay newly listed cheap auctions during the Western holidays of Christmas Eve (24th) and Christmas Day (25th), because it's possible to find items selling for below market value when everyone else is not paying attention. Although some auctions sold for a small bit less than market value, there were not as many cheap sales as I expected. Most coins sold for fair market values, and some sold for a... Read more

MCC commentary #71: LBC/CC affiliate link fundraising, tracking, privacy, SANDAC

By badon, read 712 times, 2 comments, Write Comment
2014 Dec 03, 11:32:43 pm

LBC user pandamonium informed us about a post at the forum. Some of the screenshots in the post are from a post in the currently active MCC LIST #183, and I'm dismayed that it appears I'm being accused of something once again by members of that forum. This's a very vague accusation...again...of some kind of unclear "deceptive" malice due to the use of ebay affiliate links on LBC (this site) and the Coin Compendium (CC). That overwhelmingly biased point of view seems ... Read more

Typematrix keyboards and accessories 30% discount code CYBER2014

By badon, read 631 times, 0 comments, Write Comment
2014 Nov 30, 06:30:55 pm

I'm a big fan of Typematrix ergonomic keyboards because they deliver on the promise of not only pain-free typing, but also faster and more accurate typing too. The company offers several different layouts, including the most common QWERTY layout, but I personally use the Dvorak layout for typing in English.

I had previously learned to type quickly at about 50 words per minute (WPM) after many years of effort on the QWERTY layout. Learning to use QWERTY is so difficult that people spend many y... Read more

MCC commentary #70: ebay 12 oz gold panda ($14'280 metal value) sold for $9100

By badon, read 522 times, 1 comment, Write Comment
2014 Nov 28, 06:00:53 pm

I normally invest in rare modern Chinese coins with very high numismatic (collector) values - values that are so high that it makes their bullion metal value totally irrelevant. But, sometimes, the big score is in the bullion. This is why it pays to follow what's happening, especially on holidays when no one else is watching:

The link describes the micro-economics of the collector market for big gold bullion coins. The... Read more

The Coin Compendium and the forum

By badon, read 1374 times, 4 comments, Write Comment
2014 Oct 20, 05:13:44 pm

badon, you are behind on pagodas, especially brass pagodas. Please go to the CCF pagoda thread and catch up with the latest info.

Yes, I've been banned from that forum for so long that I have no idea what's going on over there. I don't think anyone ever knew exactly why I was banned. It was something about the forum owner's customers harassing me, and instead of banning his customers, he banned me. Pr...
Read more

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