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Why Hillary Needs Donald

By badon, read 107 times, 2 comments, Write Comment
2016 May 28, 03:57:22 am

Kanye and Taylor. Kanye made Taylor. Without Kanye, Taylor wouldn't be Taylor. Making people hate is the easiest way to control them. Kanye was a jerk to Taylor, and everybody loves Taylor. How to ensure Hillary is elected President? Make the other option unacceptable to the majority. How to make ANYONE President? Make the other option unacceptable to the majority. Easy! If my sole opponent was Jeffrey Dahmer, I guarantee I would become President. It's a classic Good Cop/Bad Cop routine, and ... Read more

Disrupting Facebook

By Michael Earner, read 781 times, 0 comments, Write Comment
2015 Jun 21, 12:42:39 pm

This particular post is meant to be more theoretical in nature using Facebook as an example as how one might go about disrupting a company by "thinking outside the box." Sun Tsu in "The Art of War" gives us our first clue:“So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak.” What does this mean for Facebook? Where is this company strong and where is it weak? Let's see, I think Facebook does a very good job of reuniting you with old friends. Seems to me that this isn... Read more

Taking Care of Business

By Michael Earner, read 898 times, 1 comment, Write Comment
2015 Jun 19, 07:32:57 pm

If you don't love what you are doing for a living then as an entrepreneur then chances are you need to rethink your business plan and goals so that they will be more in line with who you really are deep down, The most successful entrepreneurs that I have met have a deep passion for what they do. If the passion isn't there success is unlikely. For instance, when I am working with entrepreneurs I am picky. I'm not interested in an ideas because they can make tons of money I'm interested in how ... Read more

MCC commentary #72: 2014 Christmas dominated by Buy-It-Now and Best Offer sales

By badon, read 1468 times, 0 comments, Write Comment
2014 Dec 26, 02:01:40 pm

In list #183 I advised LBC readers to watch ebay auctions ending soonest, and to pay attention to ebay newly listed cheap auctions during the Western holidays of Christmas Eve (24th) and Christmas Day (25th), because it's possible to find items selling for below market value when everyone else is not paying attention. Although some auctions sold for a small bit less than market value, there were not as many cheap sales as I expected. Most coins sold for fair market values, and some sold for a... Read more

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