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I need bitcoin like I need AIDS in the butt

By badon, read 689 times, 14 comments, Write Comment
2014 Feb 25, 03:40:22 am

Bitcoin. If you haven't heard of it already, you probably have 10 voicemail messages from your buddies that you haven't listened to yet. Everybody is talking about it. It's the hot new thing, it's a CRYPTO-CURRENCY. No one controls it, there are no central banks, and no governments to inflate it away. You can send and receive millions of dollars in seconds using nothing more than a cheap computer and an internet connection. People are getting rich trading it back and forth, and I'm not talkin... Read more

Could a black swan event destroy our coin investments?

By badon, read 983 times, 11 comments, Write Comment
2014 Jan 24, 06:05:30 pm

Pandamonium found an interesting hoax that has been rocking the boat today:

That was already taken down, so you have to use the Google cache to see it. Eventually the cache will expire too, so I screenshotted it and attached it to the forum below:

Apparently there was more that has been taken down too, and it was reported in Bloomberg:... Read more

MCC commentary #68 - NGC vs. PCGS: Why grading standards change

By badon, read 933 times, 4 comments, Write Comment
2013 Nov 27, 02:26:33 am

The rumors say NGC's grading has become much more strict. The complaints about it are so vocal, I wonder if indeed coins deserving of a 69 grade are not getting it. I haven't submitted anything for grading myself for several months, because I learned in early in 2013 that NGC started assigning low grades to high quality coins ahead of their fee increase. That has happened prior to the NGC fee increases I have paid attention to during recent years. Read more in Re: MCC LIST #178 - Credit, bado... Read more

MCC commentary #67 - NGC's decision to certify everything is good for the market

By badon, read 2588 times, 9 comments, Write Comment
2013 Oct 09, 04:44:17 pm

NGC recently decided (and published in private communications) that they would certify all modern Chinese coins - fiat, non-fiat, official, unofficial, and...privately minted coins. It's the "privately minted" part that is causing panic in the market, and I'm going to dispel those fears immediately.

My analysis of the situation leads me to conclude that this development is GOOD for the market. Actually, it is VERY good for the market. In fact, it is the Coin Compendium (CC) that makes this goo... Read more

1993 Matte restrike God of Longevity silver medal

By pandamonium, read 993 times, 5 comments, Write Comment
2013 Aug 24, 12:49:31 pm

Would like to grade this 93 Matte by NGC. NGC needs a matching COA # to medal edge #. They would also like to talk to a past China mint employee about this medal. Do you know of any past distributors? Any information is requested so please post or email staff/me. Planned mintage of 999. All MCC dealers say it is very rare. Have 2, a frosty # 258 and a mirror # 414. Diameter for both is 60.22mm. COA says 60mm. Thickness varies due to design. #414 4.11mm, # 258 3.9mm & 3.84mm. Weight is ... Read more

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