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Author Topic: My Niche Site, An Experiment 009 - My First Spin!  (Read 36 times)
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Capitalist Pig

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« on: 2011 Sep 29, 11:59:38 am »

So way back in post something-or-other I talked about the strategy of using spun versions of my original content to submit to article directories. I've had some computer crashes and major time-users, so it took a lot longer that I planned, but it's done!

I have said that this was controversial, but that my position is that spinning is fine as long as you aren't polluting the internet with crap. So here are some examples of the spun content:

Picking the stock is fairly straightforward. I look at charts. I am looking for a stock that has moved up steadily over the past 6 months. In other words, I want to see an upward slanting long-term moving average. The stock should be above the long-term moving average. The oscillator indicators should be low on their axes, and the stock should be moving up with a pattern of higher highs and higher lows.

Spun 1
Selecting a stock is fairly straightforward. Simply put I look at graphs. I will be hunting for a share that's increased progressively within the last six months. Put simply, I would like to see an upwards slanted long term average. The stock should be over the 200 day average. The oscillating signs should be lower on the range, and also the particular share should always be going upwards together with a structure involving larger peaks and elevated lows.

Spun 2
I use stock charts to help choose shares on which I could sell puts to produce fast and uncomplicated earnings. Because selling puts generates the greatest earnings any time the stock remains higher than your exercise level, I am just hunting for that stock having sideways or maybe trending up motion. In general, the long run weighted average must be advancing upward, switch-back indicators ought to be around the minimum on their runs, and also the stock should be creating higher highs as well as elevated lows. A stock having these tendencies will probably be at a lower time a rising tide - the perfect area to sell puts for income.

Spun 3
Selecting the stock is fairly uncomplicated. I just look at charts. I'm trying to find a share that has moved up continuously over the past few months. Quite simply, I must observe an upward angled long term weighted average. The share ought to be higher than the long term average. The oscillator signs ought to be very low on the range, and also the particular stock ought to always be moving up having a structure of bigger peaks and also higher troughs.

To top-level directories, I will proof each copy that I submit. To lower-level directories, I won't. But by and large the spun content should be perfectly sensible and readable. That's why they take me so long to do!

Neal McSpadden
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