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Author Topic: My Niche Website, An Experiment 003 - The Strategy  (Read 1082 times)
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« on: 2011 Sep 08, 01:41:27 am »

OK, so I figured out a niche and did some research to home in on my exact keywords. Now what?

Well, my strategy is simple and has only two main parts: write quality articles and then market them through a link wheel. The traffic that I hope to bring to my site will then click on ads and create revenue. Maybe somewhere down the road I'll write a little ebook on selling puts and add other products to the revenue stream. But for right now, getting traffic in is the primary concern. I can play with different selling structures once that is in place.

So step 1 is write informative articles. I can only hope you agree that this is playing to my strengths. I plan on writing articles in a wordpress blog at least to start since it's easy to set up and well accepted by information consumers.

Step 2 is article marketing through a link wheel. A link wheel is essentially a series of websites that link back to your main site. An inner core consisting of social media sites, top article directories, and one-page blogs link directly to your site. An outer ring of thousands of article directories link to the inner core. The inner core serves as a buffer between all those thousands of links because it makes the link patterns look more spontaneous. The goal of this whole thing is to get search engines to view the web funneling back to the main site, thus increasing the main site's authority and prestige for a given keyword.

In order to accomplish step 2, you need to submit content to those top article directories, create the social media pages, and put content on those one-page blogs. To create the content, I "spin" my original articles from Spinning is the practice of create alternate versions of the original wording. This is a controversial issue. I come down on the side believing spinning is a perfectly legitimate technique to get content out into the world. TV commercials are identical from viewing to viewing, spun articles are at least a little different. I think a large part of people's issues with spun content comes from seeing it done badly. For example, an original sentence might be:

"I took the kid gloves off and really fought my hardest."

A well-spun variation might look like:

"I stopped holding back and tried my best,"
"Realizing that I had to try harder, I struggled with all my might."

While a poorly-spun or auto-spun variation could be:

"I removed a baby goat hand covered off and also truly fought back my most vigorous."

You can see that the poorly-spun variation is utter nonsense. This is the result of a computer program randomly picking synonyms for the words in the original sentence. This violates my cardinal rule for putting anything on the internet: it must contribute.

The well-spun variations are a result of human thinking taking context and sentence structure into account. The downside of creating well-spun content is that it's a lot more work. Spinning an article sometimes takes me as long or longer than writing the original piece. And that's with a program that does all the collating of the different versions for me! (That program is called TheBestSpinner, btw).

Since the different versions I am producing are all actual English and contribute to the idea space of whoever might read them, I don't have any ethical problems with creating them.

Last, but not least, in my quality-content spreading link wheel strategy is actually submitting my readable, informative articles to those thousands of directories. You could do this manually, but I don't have that kind of time. Instead, I use.. you guessed it... software! It's a product called Unique Article Wizard. You upload 3 different versions of each paragraph (created through TheBestSpinner), and then it weaves them together in however many combinations and submits them to all those article directories out there. The "resource box" the points back to one of the inner core sites, which in turn points to your main site.

And that's basically it. Over time, as my site builds up more and more links, it should move up the rankings in the search engines. The higher on the search engine results my site appears, the more traffic I should get. The more traffic I get, the more advertising (or whatever) revenue I should capture.

There are other SEO marketing strategies, but this is the one that I am starting out with. It's the most compatible with my core skill of producing informative content.


TheBestSpinner - Helps create spun articles. Warning: do not use auto-spin features. You will go to purgatory of the interwebs if you create internet trash.

Unique Article Wizard - Submits your articles to hundreds or thousands of relevant article directories.
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