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Author Topic: My Niche Website, An Experiment 002 - Identifying My Exact Niche  (Read 708 times)
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« on: 2011 Sep 08, 12:57:26 am »

I like to think I'm fairly conscientious when making investment decisions. Research, whether it be coins, stocks, or in this case keywords, pays off by improving your odds of success. So before I went out and bought a domain, I wanted to know what *exactly* I wanted to target.

While all this can be done manually through Google, I have a piece of software called Market Samurai. It combines a lot of drudge work into one package and chops up (hah, get it!) the data in relevant ways. There are 3 main tools that I used for this new project: the keyword research, the seo competition, and domains. Eventually I will also use the rank tracker to see how I'm doing. There are lots of other tools for MS as well, like finding products that fit your keywords on Amazon. But that's for later!

Keyword Research

I'm interested in creating a little site about selling puts. It's an often-ignored technique because people incorrectly perceive it as risky. So I want to find out how well relevant keywords would pay if I manage to rank highly in Google at some future date.

First, I tried "selling puts." As it turns out, there is a fair amount of traffic for this keyword, and related Google ads that could be placed on my site would pay out around $4 per click. Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition for this keyword from old, well-established sites like investopedia. Related keywords like "sell puts" and "calls and puts" had a similar pattern. Either the specific search volume was low, or the competition was (relatively) high, or both!

Time to branch out. I told myself, it's not just selling puts that's important. It's the profits that matter. So I tried different elaborations upon "selling puts." After some trial and error, I hit upon "selling puts for income." This has a lot of benefits. Most importantly, it has a few thousand searches, $4 cost per click ads, and low competition. The standard formula for revenue from a #1 Google ranking is 42-45% of the search traffic * 1/2 * cost per click from an ad (Market Samurai does all this for you). "Selling puts for income" works out to $183 per day. I could use $183 per day Smiley.

SEO Competition

The SEO Competition module in MS shows you a lot of detail about the current top-10 search results for your keyword. It shows backlinks (links point back to the site) for both an individual page and the whole domain. It also shows how many pages the search engines have indexed on the site and how long that site has been in existence. Then it helpfully color-codes everything. Red is bad, green is good. The more green, the better.

For my "selling puts for income" keyword, there are some old, established sites like seekingalpha on there. However, listings #2 and #3 are rather weak. All these sites mention selling puts for income, but none of them have that as a focus with lots of content. This is good.


The domains tool gives you a quick listing of domains related to your keyword. As it happens, there was an exact match available. Given the results from the keyword research and the SEO competition, I felt comfortable spending the $8 for a one-year domain subscription.

A few clicks of the mouse, and voila! I am now the proud owner of a brand new domain:

I like this domain a lot because A) it's an exact match for my first (of many!) keyword, B) it contains other high value keywords like "selling puts" and "income", and C) it's a pretty natural-sounding term.


Market Samurai - free trial with full functionality

GoDaddy - discount domains. I ended up paying $8.57 for

Host Gator - I do all my hosting here. One account lets me host an unlimited number of domains for $7 a month I believe.
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