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Author Topic: A Little Bit about a Lot  (Read 732 times)
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« on: 2011 Jun 16, 03:45:02 pm »

Special preview for LBC members only

After many months of preparation and far too many hours spent talking about government entities, my hedge fund that will be turning bullion into cash flow is just about ready. The legalese is done, but I'm still working on the graphics to make everything pretty. But, if you are interested in how I plan to create approximately 3% cash return per month, then click over to my Honest Silver page by using the link in my signature. There you will learn more about my methodology behind how I achieve these kinds of returns without going up and down like crazy even though the price of silver does.

And in case you were thinking 3% doesn't sound like a lot, at that rate money doubles about every 2 years if compounded - returns stated are expectations, not guarantees. Investment money should always be money you can afford to lose. Past performance not an indicator of future value. Etc etc etc etc etc. (/disclaimer)

This is one of the great things about Live Business Chat. It was through discussions I've had here with other members that this idea occurred to me. Like any business, the road from concept to reality is longer than you expect and full of weird obstacles you didn't imagine when you began the journey. But here we are, where it all starts to off (and pay out!).

Just as a note, this has nothing to do with Chinese coins Smiley.


Neal McSpadden
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