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Author Topic: Inflating the Next Bubble - How to Protect Yourself  (Read 857 times)
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Capitalist Pig
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« on: 2011 Jan 05, 11:40:58 pm »

Public sentiment is an interesting phenomenon.  It comes from polls taken of people all across the country.  The idea is to get a feel for what the "man on the street" thinks about the economy.

It's interesting because it is always wrong - and it has to be that way.

If you've read so-called success literature, you've probably come across The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightengale.  In it, he said one thing that has always stuck with me.  He said if you lack a successful model to emulate, just look at what everyone else is doing - then do the opposite.

By definition, the super-majority cannot be successful because success is measured relative to others.  For example, a millionaire will feel poor among billionaires, and in that context he would be unsuccessful.

So when everyone thinks the economy is going to hell in a handbasket, that's the time to perk up and pay attention.

We are starting to see sure signs that the next bubble is inflating with fiat money.  Here are a few news stories that you might have missed over the last week:

India is eliminating all coins less than 50 rupees.  Prices have inflated to the point where such a value is meaningless.
Inflation in several American cities is creeping up.
US employment numbers are unexpectedly higher.
China has helped bail out Spain.
Gas prices hit $3 nationwide - in the winter.

These are all indications that money is flowing into the system all across the world.  This is the beginning of the so-called recovery.  I say so-called because it really is an extension of the same problems we've been having, just with a more pleasant face on them.

But that pleasant face hides some nasty surprises.

The next stages of the recovery will be (more) rising commodity prices.  This will funnel down to the consumer level.  I think you will see gas prices at $5 this summer nationwide, not just in California.  Food prices will climb (wasn't there a tv soundbite about world food prices at a record yesterday?).  As all these prices go up and your paycheck stays the same, you will get poorer.

In a real recovery, people would be getting richer.  But that comes from increased productivity creating things that people want - not just making things more expensive.  

Enough about the problem though.  If you have your head on straight, you know what is coming down the pipeline in those terms.  The real question is what to do about it.

And it's real simple: buy the same things that are inflating due to money flow.  Buy those commodities like gold, silver, oil, natural gas, and so on.  Stock up on whatever food you eat that is able to be stored.  Who knows, you might want to follow badon's advice and get some Chinese coins.  There really are a lot of opportunities out there to protect your wealth.  In your own life you have developed expertise in whatever field you are involved in.  Use that specialized knowledge to look at the world around you and find where the money is going.  Then follow it

By participating with the big money, you will be preserving the purchasing power of your wealth.  If you don't, these same forces will be used against you as a tax.

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Neal McSpadden
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Serious Business
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« Reply #1 on: 2011 Jan 08, 10:34:30 am »

thanks for this one.

All the darkness of the world can not extinguish the light of a single candle.
Capitalist Pig
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« Reply #2 on: 2011 Jan 09, 02:23:16 am »

I think you need to start deliberately saying something obviously wrong to troll for comments from all the readers who read, and then say to themselves "that makes perfect sense", and then move on to the next article without leaving any trace in response to your articles. I admit I'm guilty of that.

At the time I'm posting this, you have 92 reads on this article. That's a fair number of readers!

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Capitalist Pig
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« Reply #3 on: 2011 Jan 09, 08:27:16 am »

LOL.  I don't know if I could do that Smiley.  I try to give as much useful information as I can, as clearly I can.  I guess I should work on soliciting questions that people want answered though.

Neal McSpadden
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The Primal Prepper - my blog about preparing for the worst while living the best
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