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Author Topic: Silver Deal of the Day - Dec 23, 2010  (Read 800 times)
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« on: 2010 Dec 23, 10:47:09 am »

Here's another great deal going right now for those in the market for silver.  All of these are going for below melt value.

For the new readers out there, let's briefly recap the precious metals market and silver in particular.

Precious metals have historically been what is called a store of value.  Meaning that since they are precious, they hold their value very well over time.  For example, two thousand years ago, a very nice hand tailored suit would cost about an ounce of gold.  100 years ago, a very nice hand tailored suit would cost about an ounce of gold.  And today, a very nice hand tailored suit costs... about an ounce of gold.

In these unstable times when the talk is about whole governments defaulting on their debts and promises, people look more and more to anything that will hold its value.  For many, that includes precious metals.

Silver in particular is very attractive for two main reasons.  First, compared to the relative quantities of gold and silver, silver's price has not kept pace with gold.  This is common.  What usually happens is gold leads and silver lags.  We are currently in the period of silver playing catch-up, which means it has a much greater upside potential than gold.  The second reason is that silver also has widespread industrial applications.  Silver is in many electronics and medical devices because of its conductive and anti-microbial properties.  So if the world monetary order goes to hell, silver will appreciate.  If things settle down and industry starts making more things, silver will appreciate.  Heads you win, tails they lose.  My kind of trade!

So here's a great opportunity to increase your silver holdings today for less than the market rate:

HUGE Scrap Sterling Silver Lot ~ 1517 Grams / 53+ Oz.

This is a great auction because the seller has gone through exhaustive detail to describe each item, including close up pictures of hallmarks and weights.  All the serving pieces are either spoons or forks, which means we don't have to wonder about things like knife blades being made out of steel.  

At a maximum bid price of $1189, there is plenty of room left in the bid to score a great deal!

Happy trading!
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