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Author Topic: Foresight: Gold, silver, coins, etc will weaken after January or February 2011  (Read 2244 times)
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« on: 2010 Dec 18, 05:14:34 pm »

The weakness could occur as late as March, but will almost surely deepen in April or May. The coins will hold their value the best, and the hottest coins may increase in value a bit slower than usual. If something dramatic hits the news about the currency crisis, war, etc, then the precious metals may hold steady, with lots of volatility.

Any weakness in the markets that appears between now and mid-2011 is a buying opportunity. The holders of rare coins, silver, and palladium may not be willing to sell when prices appear to be dropping, so the opportunities to buy at the "market" price will not be there. Instead, to score the best coins, and the most precious metals, offer to pay more than the what the market says the price should be, if you have to.

That should shake-out some good buys for you, from worried investors.

A lot of significant market players are reading my postings now, so expect them to act on this information, and change it. This one won't cause much back-reaction, but as people continue to see the accuracy of my predictions, they'll start action on them, and cause things to change. I will refrain from posting a prediction if I can foresee that my influence from publishing it will cause the prediction to take another, perhaps unpredictable path.

In those cases, the best way to get information is to get it from me in a privileged fashion.
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