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 on: Today at 05:10:23 pm 
Started by badon - Last post by badon
tamo42's article, When is Hyperinflation Coming?, explains very well why hyperinflation is unlikely to happen suddenly in the near future. I think other more minor and more temporary disruptions are much more likely to happen from time to time. I also think the alarmist people are right about the direction things are moving in, but wrong about it being imminent.

Of course, the thing about sudden catastrophes is they're sudden. There are a lot of unexpected things that could happen at any moment, but as long as they're not global in nature, recovery should be relatively quick assuming you're not stuck in the middle of it. Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the September 11th attacks. People have forgotten already that inciting vengeance for September 11th was the reason the USA public supported an invasion of Iraq. Today, the history has been skewed to say that it was a search for nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons that justified the invasion, but that view was primarily presented to the UN, while "9/11" was primarily presented to the American voters.

Hurricane Katrina, Los Angeles riots, tornado alley, Mount Saint Helens, etc, etc, etc - people quickly forget about all the "normal" bad things that can and do happen with punctual regularity, without requiring an end-of-the world fantasy where the hillbillies become the ruling elite due to them being the only ones who were prepared for it.

 on: Today at 04:47:44 pm 
Started by badon - Last post by LBC3716
Hyperinflation is believed by many to be caused by government debt and an expansion of the money supply. A review of history shows that more is required. These events typically include one or more of the following: loss of a war, government corruption, government secrecy, loss of production, and foreign denominated debt.

Despite the fact that there are presently no signs of high inflation in the US economy, many remain convinced that it is just around the corner. Well it isn't. But claiming it is, sure sells a lot of books and doomsday subscriptions. Hyperinflation predictions have been going on for decades. They have not been even remotely true.

Other articles which exam the balance sheet of the US, stress every possible potential liability. However they overlook many assets. The USA fossil fuel resources exceed $150 trillion. Other natural resources, land, etc., are too not considered.

Others predict the US will shortly lose its world reserve status. Today the dollar comprises over 60% of the world's foreign exchange reserve. It holds this dominance because of the size of its economy and because the market for US Treasury securities is liquid and deep. The Euro is second and pound sterling is third. China certainly has the potential to be a major player but it presently has challenges that need to be addressed first. For now, like it or not, the world prefers the US because it Treasury represent a safe haven.

The dollar's dominance has a downside. While it allows the US to purchase foreign made goods inexpensively and provides cheap financing, it reduces fiscal discipline. However, the dollar will continue to be the most popular world reserve currency for quite some time. It's share of total reserves will likely slowly decline, but the absolute number of dollars held by foreign countries will likely continue to rise as the wealth of other countries grow. But first there needs to be a deep, liquid, and safe alternative. It may take decades. The world hopefully will be better when it finally happens.

 on: Today at 04:31:17 pm 
Started by badon - Last post by badon
Experts, do anyone know anything about this one? I consider picking it up simply because I like it, but find no information about it anywhere on internet.

It looks like it is privately minted. The reverse dragon looks typical of a low quality computer design, while the obverse Great Wall looks much better. The dragon is a 5 claw dragon, which represents the emperor. Therefore, I think the person depicted standing next to the Great Wall must be the emperor. It's interesting that it has sold already, and the seller has sold a few others today too: bacnumismatics_de recently sold items on ebay.

 on: Today at 04:27:03 pm 
Started by badon - Last post by RhodiumPanda
Badon, Re: Pagodas

I apologize:  I made a mistake:  I realize that you had the answers to 2 of my questions in your previous fairly recent posts on the Pagoda's - their price high (similar % drop from as Rhodium from its 2nd highest 1991 spike ($25K-$4K; $5.3K-$0.8K current for both) and the estimated surviving #'s.  I'm still curious about the 260 minted vs. 1000 official, however?

 on: Today at 04:18:45 pm 
Started by badon - Last post by badon
1985 OMP 1985 HK 5 oz Medal.  Not sure why so many of these are in such rough shape.

This one actually looks pretty good. The greenish stuff looks like PVC damage (chlorides), but it's not. I have determined the greenish stuff is actually the lamp shade being reflected on the glossy OMP plastic. The coin does have a few small white spots, but that's pretty common, and the coin still looks very nice. The fact the plastic is so glossy is a clue that this coin was very well treated. Most of them are all scratched up.

I can see why the seller chose to make the box the main photo for the ebay listing. That's shimmering wood grain effect that is kind of like tiger's eye or opal semi-precious gemstones. It's absolutely gorgeous! Like the OMP plastic, the box appears to have been babied during the last 30 years. I might venture to say that this item might be worth buying just to get a pristine box, with no damage to the lettering on ship design.

The paper outer box does show some wear, however. I'm not sure how bad it is. The paper outer boxes from this era were always very fragile, and possibly vulnerable to being torn before they even made it to the dealer's show cases in the 1980's.

Looks like someone listens.  Kudos to the person who bought. 

Wow, you're right. It sold for the full Buy-It-Now asking price, which you can see in icsoccer recently sold items on ebay. I didn't expect it to sell that fast, but I'm not very familiar with them. Was it underpriced?

 on: Today at 04:13:21 pm 
Started by badon - Last post by badon

It is relist not sold.

No, it is definitely sold. The seller also relisted another one like it, but it is sold. ebay has some bugs where sometimes they show as "ended" instead of "sold" on the ebay listing itself, but if you look at the ebay search results, it will show the truth. See this link: thincat00 recently sold items on ebay.

Amazing 15 PCGS panda sold at 155 BUT only 1 bid. is that trues???

Where did this happen? You have the ebay item number?

 on: Today at 03:44:35 pm 
Started by badon - Last post by RhodiumPanda
Badon/Pandamonium  (Re: Pagodas, Mintages / Past Prices, Relative Values):

Is it proven that there are only 260 1984 Pagodas (of each type) ever made (or simply remaining)? or is that just speculation on someone's part?   The Zhao Li Cheng Illustrated Catalogue of MCC lists the official mintage as 1000.   $4000 seems like a bargain for a 260 mintage set, but only a fair value for 1000 mintage – not too far below a 12oz 1995 Panda's 1000 mintage current price – maybe $5K-$6K.

How high did a set of Pagodas get in the summer of 2011 (69 or OMS/perfect both with COA’s/box)?   I was only tracking pandas at that point.

Either way, I must consider which is better: the 4 Pagodas or another 4-5 oz. of Rhodium (which has been 11X higher in Jun, 2008, and 6X higher in Feb, 1991 (right while silver was bottoming at 3.51 – its post-1973 low).  (That would have been the trade of the century (Rhodium for Silver at that point – 10oz of Rhodium would have netted 15,000 oz. of silver – over ½ ton).  In Feb 1997 you could have traded that 15,000 oz of silver back for almost 400 oz of Rhodium which would then have been worth $4 Million in Jun 2008.  That’s how $4K (if you bought 10 oz of Rhodium in the mid  80’s could become $4M in 23 years, trading PM’s. (I know it is impossible to execute close to these trading extremes and Rhodium wasn’t in bars then – but it is now; and ratios will always vary wildly between the metals – yet another reason some PMs should always be owned, aside from SHTF currency and trading protection.

Wafdawg (re: Cash),

I forgot to mention - You are correct that having some cash on hand (maybe $2K-$3K max) makes sense so you don't have to get into your real wealth while cash still has value (or value in some scenarios).  Keeping more than that in cash will work out as well as in Bitcoin (or the even more impressive Litecoin) for wealth preservation, however!

Pandamonium, (Re: US Soil)

I am curious which type of war you suspect will be fought on US soil (civil, race, terrorist with nuke in a harbor), or naval invasion)?   The last one seems unlikely unless the US leaders become so PC that they can't use Nukes even while being invaded (possible). The other 3 are slightly more likely, but not desirable.  Do you think it will just be U.S. soil or other places, too?   I suspect (unfortunately) that your gut is probably fairly accurate – just a question of timing/scenario  The U.S. isn’t the only one with the incompetent money management / cronies – all of Europe and Japan have learned the massive printing game from the U.S. (and are printing at the moment (US will join again I’m sure).   (Japan is actually worse than US in debt ratios (the US is still worse than Greece, however in total debt per citizen – the US would be worse in debt/GDP than Greece – but all the nonproductive lawyers, insurance, excessive banking and other nonproductive paper pushing gets to count in the US GDP which reduces the ratio – this is true of UK/Western Europe, too)

 on: Today at 01:56:32 pm 
Started by badon - Last post by perfulator
Well, then some bought all 3 of them, so problem solved, lol

 on: Today at 08:34:08 am 
Started by badon - Last post by perfulator
It's probably some fake.  Who knows.  I've never seen or heard about this one.  I'm sure someone would have seen or sold this if it were in demand. lol. Surely ggoodluck would know?? :-))
Not big money but still a waste if worthless :-) Anyway thanks for checking!

 on: Today at 06:37:15 am 
Started by badon - Last post by barsenault
No box and coa. The medal not event state it produce by any mints at all.

Experts, do anyone know anything about this one? I consider picking it up simply because I like it, but find no information about it anywhere on internet.

It's probably some fake.  Who knows.  I've never seen or heard about this one.  I'm sure someone would have seen or sold this if it were in demand. lol. Surely ggoodluck would know?? :-))

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